Paper and Pulp

Monitoring and control in the paper and pulp processing industry presents its own challenges around keeping online sensors clean.

Let us help you improve the performance of your paper and pulp processing operations and increase the overall quality of your end product. Pi’s paper and pulp water analyzing instruments will increase the quality control of your product whilst also making your operations more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

With the high level of solids often present, monitoring anything in the water in the paper industry is challenging. Pi has been working with some of the industry leaders for more than 15 years and has solutions to many of the problems that can arise. One example is the AutoFlush that can deal with up to 3% solids allowing the routine measurement of chlorine in white water and thin stock.

Another is the AutoClean features of the ORP and pH sensors for dip or insertion installations and online solids monitoring in the waste treatment processes allowing the online measurement of pH and ORP in water with up to 10% solids.

Speak to one of our advisors at Pi today to see if we have a solution for your paper and pulp quality monitoring and control problems.

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