Industrial Water Treatment

Monitoring and control is crucial when dealing with industrial water treatment, whether it’s controlling disinfection, descaling, managing blowdown in a cooling tower or treating boiler feedwater. That’s why it’s essential to have the right tools to measure and control with high-grade industrial water sensors.

Many controller suppliers have an array of controllers where the user is forced to choose the best fit for their solution from a range. Pi takes a different approach, which is to build a bespoke controller to do exactly what a water treater needs it to do from a range of options.

Based on the CRIUS®4.0 controller, Pi will build the controller for you using any of the measurands below and a host of specialist control options. Not only that, but Pi also provides an Internet of Things enabled remote access solution to provide SMS alarms and emails in real time.

Particularly focused on disinfectant control, Pi offers solutions for measuring all disinfectants and couples them with more common measurements like conductivity and pH. In addition Pi’s CRIUS®4.0 controller has been designed to take a multitude of sensors including fluorescence and corrosion using an LPR corrosion sensor.

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