Water Analysers

Pi’s range of water quality analysers allows the user to be confident of the data and information provided by the analyser. Using the best sensors, including residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, suspended solids, turbidity and more, the Pi analysers provide reliable, cost effective monitoring of most water quality indicators. With add-ons such as control (PID and others), data logging, remote access, and sophisticated comms such as Profibus and Modbus, the Process Instruments analysers are quite possibly the best currently available anywhere in the world.

Coagulation Controller


Pi’s CoagSense coagulation controller is an integrated controller that accepts multiple inputs from appropriate parameters including pH, flow, temperature and more.

Conductivity meter


The ConductiSense range of online conductivity meters from Pi utilise the very latest conductivity sensors available in the world today for measuring online conductivity.

Ozone Sensor


Online, continuous Chlorine Dioxide Analysers, Chlorine Dioxide Monitors, Chlorine Dioxide Meters and Chlorine Dioxide Controllers make up the DioSense range.

Ozone Sensor


Pi’s FluoriSense range of fluoride monitors and fluoride analysers utilise the very latest and best fluoride sensors available in the world today.



The HaloSense range of monitors are used in many applications requiring the measurement and control of online residual chlorine levels.

Laboratory Charge Analyser


Pi’s range of LabSense Laboratory Charge Analysers used to determine optimal coagulant dose on a water treatment plant.

ORP Sensor


The ORPSense range of ORP Meters from Pi utilise the very latest ORP sensors available in the world today for measuring the online Redox potential of any aqueous solution.



The Residual Ozone Analyser from Pi for the measurement of ozone concentration in water, is designed to be simple to install, operate and offers unrivalled stability and precision.


The CounterSense is a sophisticated particle counter with the capability to size and count particles from 2 to 127 microns.

Pi’s pH sensor- pHSense for potable water and process applications


The pHSense range of online pH meters from Pi utilise the very latest and best pH sensors available in the world today for measuring the online pH of any aqueous solution.

Suspended Solids Monitor


Whatever level of suspended solids from 2 NTU all the way up to >8% solids, the SoliSense® is the solution.

Streaming Current Monitor


Effectively these coagulation analysers detect and control the level of residual coagulant.

Turbidity Meter


Where the measurement range is 0.01-1000 NTU (approx 0-2000 mg/l, application dependent) is a suitable application for the TurbSense® online turbidity meter.

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